Granite countertops are a great choice for kitchens and bathrooms. They are beautiful, durable, and easy to take care of. At the Complete Kitchen and Bath Design Studio, we have custom-fabricated granite countertops at our local factory and installed them in the greater greater Charlotte area for the past 20 years. 

We stock over 50 different colors and hundreds of granite slabs, from Level 1 to exotic,  at our local facility. Stocking such a large inventory of granite slabs and using state-of-the art fabrication equipment allow us to increase production efficiency and decrease lead time for installation at our customers’ homes and businesses. We make it possible to have beautiful new granite countertops installed in your home in three weeks or less from the time we provide you with a quote.

We import granite slabs from all around the world. Since granite is a nature-made stone, we inspect each slab to make sure our customers only get the best quality granite slab from which their kitchen countertop will be made.  Our granite slabs are polished only on one side and edges can be finished in one of several styles available. We also sell a large selection of sinks and faucets at our Complete Kitchen & Bath Design Studio. If you are in the market for one of our designers will be able assist you in selecting a sink and faucet to complement your countertop from the large selection we offer.

granite countertops Charlotte kitchen and bath remodeling


Granite countertops are ranked by levels – Level 1 through Level 3 and exotic. Levels simply indicate how rare and readily available a particular color is. It does not indicate quality level. All granite slabs are of the same quality and durability. Level 1 granite includes the most common colors. Level III granite includes stones colors that are rare and exotic. Lower levels of stone are often uniform and consistent, while higher levels have more irregular patterns, also called “movement”. Even though granite slabs may be classified as the same color, there might be a variance in tint, and certain colors are more prevalent in one slab over the other, even though, technically, they are of the same color. Granite countertop levels I and II are more affordable. Level III granite countertops are more expensive because they are rarer.

Some fabricators classify granite colors under particular different granite countertops levels, depending on where they purchase their slabs. Not all colors are available in all parts of the world, and what is easily accessible for one fabricator may be the opposite for another. Below are samples of the different granite countertop levels and colors PRO-TOPS offers to the Charlotte market. Please refer to our granite quarries world map to see the origin of each type of granite.


Do you live in the Charlotte area and are in the market for granite countertops? Wether it’s for your kitchen, baths or both, come visit us at the Complete Kitchen and Bath Design Studio. We have designers and consultants on staff ready to help you with your selection.

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